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How to receive the cognac ordered in our Internet-boutique

You receive the order in the post office nearest to your house or from our courier.

Internet-boutique cooperates with many manufacturers of cognac in France and with their sales representatives in the countries of Europe. We can deliver some marks of cognac in your house from the sales representative nearest to you. We can deliver some marks of cognac in your house only from province Cognac in France.

Internet-boutique uses only legal and official ways of delivery. It always state post of your country or the country of the European Union. Or express post with a known name.


Internet-boutique is guided by the law on post of the European Union.


In your country restrictions on reception of strong alcoholic drinks by mail can operate. Probably you should pay the state tax of your country to strong alcohol. Specify all this in yours post branch.


Delivery of cognac to Russia and other countries CIS is carried out only by express post.



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